How to Embed a Video Into a Website

Choose video you wish to embed and save it in a file as a .mp4, .ogg, or .webm.

Set up a new code using basic html formatting.

Begin code for the video element. In this image "control" is put in the intial video bracket, this indicates that when the video is played the viewer will have video controls (pause, play, etc.). This top bracket is also where you can adjust the display of the video by putting in width, height, preload values, and boolean attributes.

This is where you will add the source of your video by placing the name in which you saved it under in quotations after "source src=".

Now add the type of video of which you are embedding. This could be "video/mpeg", "video/ogg", or "video/webm". This image shows "video/mp4", which is the same as "video/mpeg".

In the end the code for your video should look like this.

Watch full tutorial here: